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Laundry Today or Naked Tomorrow!

Let me start by apologizing for my hiatus! I know I have been MIA for a few weeks! We just started back to school and I have been crazy busy with the first week of teacher workdays and moving my entire classroom in just 5 days and then again last week for the first week of school. Starting back with a full week is exhausting for both the teachers and the kids! Now that we are in the swing of things I am feeling much better! I am ready for my family to get back into a more regular schedule!

Today’s posts is one of the reasons that I started this blog! I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for craft projects, yummy food and ways to use my oils! I often pin several ideas and then go back later to put those ideas in motion. I wanted to blog about things that I try that don’t work and things that I try that do work in an effort to save you some time but also give me a place where I can easily find the things I liked! Like… my chemical free laundry soaps! Which is what we are talking about today!

In one of my first posts I talked about my fears of using regular soaps on my family. The thought of these chemicals leaching into our systems through our skin  from 24 hour exposure with items washed in these chemicals was too much for me. I also felt like it was an easy way to take a big chemical exposure out of my families life! If you want to read that post click here.

While looking for a laundry soap recipe I was being pretty picky! I had read a lot about the concerns with Borax so I did not want that in my laundry and around my kids. So, I had to find a recipe that did not include Borax. I also did not want to have to spend hours grating bars of soap for my laundry recipes. I finally found this liquid recipe!

Liquid Laundry Soap (click this heading for recipe)

I really like this one! It is very simple to make. Here are some suggestions I have for this recipe!

  1. The ingredients in this recipe will start to separate some while they sit. I mix mine in a large container (like a paint bucket) with a lid but then I pour some into smaller jars that I can pour them from into my machine or into a measuring utensil if you feel the need for precise measurements. This jar needs to seal well so that you can shake it and mix the ingredients some before you pour. I would recommend something along the lines of a  glass milk jug. They sell them on Amazon and would look pretty in a laundry room.  Home Goods is also a place I like to look for these types of jars! I have two jars so that I have a back up ready to go at all times. That way if one is empty I start using the other and I don’t have to immediately refill the jar. And… when I do go to refill the jar I can see that I need to make a new batch before I am completely out!
  2. This recipe calls for essential oils to be used. While I love my essential oils I skip this part! I use scented Castile soap for a light smell to my laundry soap. (By the way, I love Castile soap!) My favorite scent it the Cherry Blossom one! I just don’t want to waste my oils like that! I feel like a few drops in 2 gallons of water won’t be as beneficial as some of the other ways I could use them. (I will let you know of a way that you can use essential oils later in this post to more effectively scent your laundry if you so choose.)

This recipe takes no time to make and is so much cheaper than buying laundry soap! But the most important part is that it is healthier for your family!

Now… I know some of you out there would rather have a powder soap and here is the recipe for that. I have tried this one and like it too.

Powder Laundry Soap (click this heading for recipe)

I make mine in a mixing bowl and store in a large mason jar and I leave the measuring spoon right in the jar. It makes it so easy to use! Again, I do not use my oils in this recipe. You may wonder how I use my oils during my laundry process and I will tell you that the best way I have found to use them is in the drying process.

Another thing that I discovered while researching chemicals in our house is how dangerous drier sheets are. Not only because of the chemicals but because they are a fire hazard! I have switched to wool balls. I got mine on Amazon. They are reusable and help separate your clothing while they bounce around in the machine. Since they separate your clothes while they dry they help minimize drying time! I drop a few drops of my favorite oils on my wool drier balls. Using my oils during this step of the process allows me to smell them once my clothes are done. I felt like they went unnoticed when I was using them in any other stage of laundry.  If you want to know what kind of oils I use and why you can check out my blog post here.

Another thing I think is important to mention is that I have HE front loading machines and I have used both of these recipes and the drier balls with no problems.

I hope this helps

Let’s spread kindness and love!



My Oily Journey

One year and 3 months ago I started on my Oily Journey! I was starting to learn more and more about the chemicals used in our country and I was shocked. To say I was concerned when I found out the things that chemicals can do to us would be an understatement. I watched a few documentaries and it blew my mind what chemical companies get away with and how we just let them! I also learned that there are always chemicals all around us. Chemicals are in everything we own from our curtains, to our furniture, to our skin care and our cleaners. It is everywhere! Think about this! You wash your clothes, sheets and towels in laundry soap and fabric softener. Then you dry them with a fabric sheet. All of those chemicals from those 3 products are now in your clean clothes, sheets, and towels. You wear your clothes all day. You come home and shower and wrap up in your clean towel and then get in your bed where your skin touches your sheets and your pjs that have also been freshly washed. Do you know that your skin is your largest organ in/on your body? Those chemicals from those products are in constant, around the clock contact with your skin and being absorbed the whole time! That worried me! Especially when I thought about my kids!

I then downloaded some apps that allow you to scan your products and see how they rate according to the chemicals that are in them and I became more aware of what we had in our home. I wanted to change! I know I can’t change everything but I figured that any chemical product I was able to get out of my home was better than nothing at all! Baby steps!

I started to research essential oils and found great information on what they are used for and how they can help to not only replace chemical products in my home, but also help support our body systems and keep us healthy.

I quickly realized that not all essential oils are created equal! AT ALL! The quality of your oils makes a big big difference in the results that you see! Be cautious of labels that say 100% Pure or 100% Pure Essential Oil! That could mean that the small amount of oil that is in there is pure oil but the rest of the bottle can be filled with lots of fillers and extra stuff you didn’t realize you were getting. You really need to research a company and their oils before you buy! More about this later!

Also, keep in mind that you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the hobby of oiling is not a cheap one but I feel that my family’s health is very much worth it! Plus, if you really think about it, if you are healthy you don’t go to the doctor as much so this investment may save you money in other areas! You pay more for good quality oils because they actually contain nothing but oil. Think about this! It takes approximately 75 lemons to make a 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil. A 15ml bottle holds about 240 drops of oil. If you think about it that way the price makes sense. I would not feel comfortable buying lemon oil from my local health food store if it was being sold for $5. Clearly that oil can not contain 100% oil from real lemons with no other fillers! What company would take $5 from you to pay for the 75 lemons that are supposedly in your bottle? Then keep in mind if it isn’t 100% lemon oil could that oil do the job you are expecting it to? Think about cleaners that you currently use. Are the more powerful in their pure form or when you dilute them? It’s the same with oils!

Back to researching a company that is right for you! I spent a lot of time researching companies and there are a lot of them out there (good and bad)! I ended up going with Young Living because of their Seed to Seal Guarantee. This was so important to me! The whole reason I wanted to get into oils was to take chemicals out of my family’s life whenever and wherever I could! So it made sense to me to buy oils from a company that controls their farms and crops from start to finish! This means Young Living picks their own seeds, plants them in their own gardens, and maintains them without chemicals or impurities that could contaminate their crops and therefore their oils. They also harvest themselves and produce their own oils as well. So from SEED to SEAL they guarantee their quality and purity! If I am going to pay the price for real oil, I want to know that I have oils that came from crops that are not treated with harmful chemicals or pesticides! I don’t want that in my oils! This video explains this process in more detail if you are interested.

There are lots of sources online that will help you understand the power of oils and all the great things you can make with them. Currently, I make my own pump soap, laundry soap, and household cleaners (just to name a few). I will add some of those recipes in later posts! I also use several diffusers in my house instead of harmful scented candles! BUT… if you are not like me and do not enjoy making your own products Young Living sells all of these products and more so that getting those chemicals out of your house is easy! Oils can be overwhelming at first but it is a great way to get chemicals away from your family and I would love to help you in any way that I can! You are welcome to comment here (just remember kindness) or email me any questions you have. (younglivingoilz @ gmail . com). If you are ready to take the plunge and join me on this exciting journey to a healthier lifestyle click here and sign up for the starter kit! Click here to see what is in the starter kit. Keep in mind that some oils in the kit may change. I can’t wait to help you explore this amazing world of oils!

Let’s spread kindness and love!


I’m sorry sir, my plate is full

Well… as if I needed one more thing on my list of things to do! I decided to start a blog. I had one years back that was mainly used as a tool to keep people up to date on the happenings in my house… since Facebook now does that I quit blogging.

After a lot of thought, I wanted to start a new one as a resource and help to you moms out there instead! I will share things that I am doing to help out in our crazy life and I will share things that are less than perfect to save you from my fails! We all need to work together and support each other in a world where tearing each other down seems to be the popular thing to do.

My name is Nichole and I am an elementary school teacher. I have a wonderful husband (F) and two great kids. My son (A) is just going into middle school and my daughter (P) is just going into 1st grade. We lead very busy lives and I will be honest I struggle to keep up. Within the last year, I have started to really understand the dangers of the chemicals we are exposing ourselves to on a daily basis. Because of this, I have gotten into essential oils and chemical free products as a way to help reduce the toxins we interact with each day. This year, I strive to continue to replace the toxic products in my house and be better about cooking and eating at home! Last year, I feel like I was on survival mode and when it came to food, convenience won every time. My big push is that this year will be busier than last year and I do not want my family to just “survive,” I want us to thrive! I will go into all of this in more detail in future posts!

**Just a small disclaimer! I do not pretend to know everything about parenting, homemaking, cooking, essential oils and the multitude of other things that I will cover on this blog! In fact, most of those categories (ok all of them!) I am still (and always will be) working on getting better! But, we learn best from each other! Feel free to leave comments, but remember we are here to support and love one another and not be hurtful in anyway. So… keep the comments kind. You are welcome to have differing opinions from me and others as long as you are kind. It is like my Pastor always says “You can tell me anything as long as it is done at the right time, in the right place, and with the right spirit!”

Let’s spread kindness and love!