Poop happens!

Not the greatest picture but this is my Tyra.

So today I will be doing my first product review and this is because I have purchased a new product to use in my house and it is so amazing that I wanted to share it with you!

I have always had a cat! For my entire life there has been a cat waiting for me at home and the worst part of being a cat owner was the litter box!

The cat I currently have is 14 and 1/2 years old. She is the tiniest cat you will ever see but she is 6 pounds of sweetness! We also have a 13 and 1/2 boxer. The dog has always thought that chasing the cat is a fun way to play with her but the cat has never agreed. Because of this the two dwell on two completely different planes in my house! The dog lives on the floor and the cat lives on all of the furniture to avoid the dog at all costs!

This has only become a problem in the last year or so. The cat decided that she no longer wanted to be chased around the house by the dog just to make it down stairs to use her litter box so she felt it was easier and less traumatic to just pee on the master bathroom floor!

Less traumatic for her maybe but the humans in the house felt completely opposite! In a last ditch effort to save my cat from my husband’s wrath I brought the kitty litter upstairs. (We live in a split level house so bringing the kitty litter upstairs means putting it where our guests and our family are at all times.) The only place to keep it away from guests was to put it in our master bedroom. (Because of the age of our house the bathroom is not big enough.) This was not an easy sell to my husband but it was a better alternative to the cat peeing on the floor!

For the next several months we were completely annoyed with the cat litter that was ALWAYS all over the floor in our room. I will be honest we were also completely annoyed that the dog viewed this as a new snack area for herself as well and I could not stand that even more that stepping in litter on the way to bed!

Recently, I went to visit a friend that lives out of town and saw a different litter box at her house and I knew at once that this would solve our problems!

The Breeze Litter System from Tidy Cats entered our lives.  It was $32.99 at our local Petsmart. It comes as a starter kit so you will get everything you need to get it up and running. You get the scoop, a bag of litter pellets and a bag of 4 of the pads. Here is a video that shows what this system does.

The crazy thing about this litter box is how easy it is! You place the pad in the tray and you change that once a week. I change mine on Thursday nights because the trash people pick up our trash Friday morning. Then you change the pellets once a month. The only thing you need to do is scoop the poop out everyday. The bag of pellets for the month costs $9.49 for the small 3lb bag and $17.49 for the 7lb bag. We have not changed ours yet so I am not sure which one I need to buy. (After telling him about it while I was still out of town at my friend’s house he went right out to buy it and it was all set up when I got home. So I am not sure what size bag came with it but from the looks of the litter in the box I would guess we got the 3lbs bag.) The bag of pads will also last a month since it comes with 4 and they cost $7.49. You can also buy a bag of 10 for $16.49.

My cat switched over very easily. We left the old box next to it for a few days and she kept using that. So one day, after I noticed her sniffing and showing interest in the new box, I took the old one away. After that she just started using the new one like it was no big deal. She did get in and dig around and get out a few times but after she decided to go she hasn’t turned back!

We have had no more litter tracks. There is no dust. My dog has been snack free! THANK GOODNESS! And I am very pleased! The one thing I would say is a negative is that it is really loud when she digs around in the pellets and it is in our room and she loves to do her duty at 5am! She digs FOREVER! Small price to pay!

I only have one small cat and the one box works for us but if you have multiple cats you may want a few boxes. Also, there is a tutorial on YouTube that shows you how to alter your box sides in case your cat tends to pee on the sides of the box and you need them to be higher to keep it in. You can find that linked here if you need that option! Thankfully I don’t have that problem!

Another thing I was thinking would be great about this system is if your cat isn’t feeling well and the vet asks you for a urine sample you should just be able to take the pad out to catch a sample in the empty tray below. (I would imagine.) I have not tried this yet but the pee goes threw the pellets and the trey underneath has walls so it won’t spill out without the pad so I would think it would work well!

I am thrilled that we made the switch and I will never go back to traditional litter again! If you make the switch let me know what you think!

Let’s spread kindness and love,




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