You mean we have to eat EVERY night?

Last year both of my kids were in school (K and 5th) and I was grade chair at work. We were very busy and I admit we did not do well with meals at home. In the past we have worked hard to make a budget for us to live by (based on Dave Ramsey). In order to do well with our budget we needed to do the majority of our eating at home! Well, we just did not have time for that and due to a lack of time to plan ahead we found it easier to just grab something on the way! I felt like horrible mom/wife! I felt like a failure! I let my family down with regards to our health and our budget! This summer, as I looked ahead to the coming school year, I knew it would not be any easier, but maybe a little planning would help. So, I decided to spend some time making a meal plan to use during the school year.

My whole plan is a very lofty one and so far only part of it is complete. I planned to make 2 months of a Spring/Summer meal plan. This would consist of 40 different Spring/Summer meals. Anything that had a link to a recipe online was hyperlinked. I then wanted to create a shopping list for each week so that it could be easily printed off and taken to the store. (I have not done that part yet!)

I made sure that two of the nights had meals that were either something with very very little prep or something from a crockpot. I only planned week days so that leftovers, pizza night, or eat out nights could happen as well.

I will post the first month of this meal plan for you here on my blog this Friday! I am separating the meal plan from this explanation blog post so that just the meal plans will be easily searched for and found if you want to reference them in the future.  The second month of this meal plan will be posted on August 19th so be sure to come back!

Also to come: I plan to create another 2 months worth of Fall/Winter meal plans as well so keep an eye out for those! If you get inspired and have some great recipes to share, use the same type of format that you will see on Friday and email it to me! younglivingoilz @ (You can either share with me alone or if you would like me to share it on my blog and give you mad props I would love to do that as well! Just let me know in your email.) Let’s help each other get through this thing called life!

Let’s spread kindness and love!



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